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Most herbal formulas in our selection contain seeds with the well-known alkaloid LSA and other psychedelic, hallucinogenic ingredients. These substances are best used in the company of trusted friends and in a natural environment that you feel safe in. Psychedelics function in the same way as LSD. The difference between LSD and psychedelics is that the latter does not contain any synthetic substances that could be hazardous. In general, psychedelics are natural products and often mimic medications that doctors prescribe to their patients.

There are various types of psychedelics, which can be broken down into the form that you consume the substance and its chemical structure. The different usage types are:

  • Powder: typically dissolved in a beverage or snorted through the nose. Powder is generally absorbed by the body more quickly than a pill, because it is the pure form of the substance that influences the brain.
  • Capsules: a pill contains more than just the substance that impacts the brain. The capsule also holds certain filler substances and ingredients that ensure the capsule is digested well. An advantage of taking a pill when compared to a powder is that the amount in a pill is often the correct dosage. This is more difficult to know with a powder.
  • Liquid: liquids are often a simple way to take psychedelics, because the liquid is more easily ingested, and the substances are absorbed quickly into the blood.

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The plants are usually available for retail for uses other than producing a psychedelic trip and therefore remain on the market. Note, however, that the legality of some of these substances is a bit of a grey area. Also, while some are widely available for purchase, the reason they are not restricted is either because the method of using the substance to induce the high is prohibitively ridiculous or the resulting high is so uncomfortable or unhealthy that it just isn’t worth it. The substances on this list either come with restrictions or normally have enough negative effects that the government does not feel it is worthwhile to ban them, so proceed with caution.


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  • It promotes physical health as countless users stop self-abuse by eating healthier. It helps with depression and addictions.


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